A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

This game was created as a thesis project at the NYU Game Center.

Rayha’s Poem is a third person narrative platformer about a young girl running away to the mythical Fairyland to escape injustice.  Drawing on themes of South Asian folklore and contemporary social issues, Rayha’s Poem seeks to tell a tale that’s both out of, as well as a product of, its time – a narrative that melds the always-relevant curse of forced marriage with the eternal dream of a land free from woe.


Primary Programming and 3D art by Gordon Lee

Design, Writing and Secondary Programming by Mostafa Haque

Starring Kate Smith as Rayha

Music by Jared Mills

QA by Justin Ha and Sean Park

Thesis Adviser: Bennet Foddy


Special thanks to:

Frank Lantz
Matt Boch
Shak'ar Mujukian
Poe Sriwatanathamma
Nobonita Himani Bhowmik
Ben Andre


RayhasPoemWindowsBuild.zip 129 MB
RayhasPoemMacBuild.app.zip 135 MB

Install instructions

For Windows

  • Extract the contents of the zip file to one folder
  • Make sure the Data, .exe, and dll files are in the same folder
  • Run RayhasPoem.exe

Development log


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Super game. As soon as I saw Kate was doing the voice I just knew it would be good. Fantastic voice, Fantastic music and some really lovely looking artwork just made this game. It ran smoothly and was an enjoyable playthrough. Great work... :)