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Made for Global Game Jam 2013

A heartbeat was the theme of Global Game Jam 2013 and, while others took the theme more figuratively, we decided to go for a more literal interpretation in our narrative driven game. Within a Heartbeat is a side scrolling platformer that puts you in the shoes of mysterious entity tasked with preventing humanity's nuclear death. As time freezes before the last nuke makes contact, the player character appears armed with the power to peer into the minds of the doomed. Within their final thoughts you will find clues to averting this calamity. But remember, not every thought is truthful and, sometimes,  the beating of our hearts betrays even our darkest secrets. You have but one chance. Choose wisely.


A - Move Left

D - Move Right

Spacebar - Jump

Enter - Make your Choice

Q, W, E, R (when approaching a target) - Select Target's Thought Featured Poetry:

Rich People -Sahil Yadav

For Want of a Nail - Unknown


Kristian Skistad - Programmer, Level Designer, Voice Actor 

Chris Leonhardt - Background and Sprite Artist

Jake Bush - Protagonist Artist and Animations

Nolan Hansen - Compose, Audio Designer, Voice actor

Reed Nordstrom - Programmer,  Tile Artist

Christian Ries - Audio Designer 

Bobby Chanthalakeo - Programmer and Artist

Ruben Zacarias - Secondary Tile Artist

David Sotir - Secondary Tile Artist

Tucker Ramhorst - Voice Actor

Caleb Kainz - Voice Actor

Mostafa Haque - Narrative Designer, Writer, Puzzle Designer

Install instructions

*Note: There is a minute long voice over section at the beginning that's unskippable. There's no visuals during this, unfortunately - but the game is still running. Once the splash screen appears you can hit Space to start the game


Within a Heartbeat v1.1.exe.zip 71 MB

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