A short interactive fiction that puts players in the shoes of the Greek lord of the Underworld himself. Convince the Olympian Pantheon of your innocence or make them suffer the consequences of angering the Shadelord himself.


Mostafa Haque - Artist, Writer, Programmer
Lina Love - Writer
John Moilan - Project Manager
Luke Reiner - Marketing

CSS Theme: "The Earth's Story Illustrated" by L

---Made for Dr Jeff Howard's Classical Myth and Media at Dakota State University

Install instructions

Open the html file.

A message should pop up saying the state of the game could not be saved on most browsers. Hit to play the game.

Do not tick 'prevent page from creating additional dialogs'.


Tragoedia.zip 1 MB


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Loved this game. But I was curious how many endings are there? I got three but I was wondering if there was more.