First, there was nothing. Then, there was you. Then, you created the universe and your followers, and all was perfect. But then, your Anathema emerged; a dark force that seeks to destroy everything you’ve ever built.

You must prepare your followers to confront this Anathema before the 10 Ages of Creation come to an end. You are their god, the first being to ever exist, and are their only example. What kind of example will you set for them?

In The Godpath, you respond to prayers from your followers in the way that you choose, and in so doing shape the values that you teach your followers. You can become the god of one of four qualities: mercy, wrath, wisdom, or exaltedness. The more you embody one of these qualities, the more powerful you become. But veer too far from one particular path, and you might not be powerful enough when the 10 Ages of Creation come to an end.

Will your followers be strong enough to confront your Anathema? Will you help them to survive the coming of your evil half?

Mostafa Haque (Narrative designer, writer, and programmer;
Nick Carbonara (Narrative designer, producer, and writer;
Cortland Mahoney (Composer,

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GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withTwine
TagsLudum Dare 45


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I may have caused the heat death of the universe but at least I was a decent God. Bless up.