A downloadable game for Windows

*Original version made for Global Game Jam 2015*

There are many paths to enlightenment. You just happened to pick the least conventional one. The Bodhi tree lies at the end of this Gauntlet. But some obstacles in your path were never meant to be overcome by humans.

Throw yourself to the winds of fate, let go of your life as human and maybe in your next incarnation you will possess the wings(claws, horns etc) to get past the current obstacle.

Current Features:

-> Four Different Animals : Each with their own abilities and traits to help them overcome obstacles

->The Rabbit: Tiny and nimble. allowing him to slip into narrow spaces and leap across great gaps

-> The Ox: Big and strong, able to push certain blocks

->The Monkey: Able to reach great heights by jumping up.

->The Rooster: Colorful and majestic, the rooster can glide for extended periods of time

-> Level changes based on the questions answered at the start of the game

Future features:

-> Samsara Level Editor - a module that will let users create their own levels to be played around with in Samsara


Kristian Skistad

Chris Leonhardt

Nolan Hanson

Warren Wegenke

Reed Nordstrom

Tyler Tobeck

Debbie Gregg

Paula Rodriguez

Dillan Schmidt

Gary Utecht

Cody Engesser

Tiffany Sommer

Jared Mills

and Mostafa Haque

Bugs Present in the version:

-> Some level segments haven't been polished out yet so the ox may get stuck. A re-vamped level system is in the works to remedy this.

-> Sprites may get stuck on their falling animation if they died from falling

Install instructions

Download .rar file.

Uncompress it.


Samsara.rar 39 MB